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Are you in the midst of a Kundalini Awakening?
You’ve come to the right place.

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What is Kundalini?


Traditionally, Kundalini is said to be an energy that lies dormant at the base of one's spine. Once awakened, this energy typically doesn't fall back asleep. It seeks to rise through the body eventually making its way up and out through the crown of the head. During its rise, Kundalini works to clear away any past wounds or debri in its path - essentially, that which is covering up one's
True Nature. Put simply, Kundalini Awakening is a profound, thorough purification process.


The energy can be awakened through various spiritual practices, use of psychedelics, a traumatic event, childbirth and even sometimes through transmission from another with awakened Kundalini. In the same way the activation event differs for everyone, so does the experience of the awakening process. For some it is a slower, more gradual process, and for others it can be spontaneous and fast
moving. The latter can lead to a spiritual crisis where one might often wish it never happened and plead with it to stop. While this is understandable, it's important to trust the process and one's own ability to navigate it. The integration process is temporary and the energy will usually eventually smooth out - though sometimes outside support is needed to help this happen.


There are two different ways to receive help during the integration phase - from one's self and from an outside source. Self-care tools such as the ones on this site can help one navigate and work with the energy on their own. Self-empowerment and trusting oneself is essential to this journey.


Sometimes, outside helps is necessary, and that's ok. This might mean working with a practitioner to learn techniques or new ways of being that will support the system through the integration. Working with a practitioner can also bring greater understanding of what's going on and help normalize the experience, bringing some reassurance. Some are even able to glean deeper insights into the activity
and status of one's energy bodies. Whatever helps one soften into the experience is helpful as resistance to the process can intensify
and prolong the integration.


Many believe that humanity is going through a profound evolutionary upgrade right now. For some, this is manifesting as a Kundalini Awakening. Perhaps some of us are being asked to step up to answer a calling. When embodying this energy, we can become more whole, live life more fully and purposefully, experience less conflict, feel awe with regularity, and Love more deeply.


About Kundalini Support Network


Kundalini Support Network was developed by a woman who's gone through a Kundalini initiation of her own. While in the midst of it, she realized there weren't many "safe" places to go to for tools or understanding - a place where what she was going through was normalized. So much of the information out there about Kundalini is misleading or projects fear.


It can be difficult to wade through the fearful, overwhelming information. So, she designed this site with the intention that it be a place of refuge - choosing inspirational, calming images and content.

The self-care tools shared on this site are meant to be kept very simple and nourishing. Because the process of integrating
Kundalini energy can be challenging and overwhelming at times, it is suggested that you begin with only a couple of self-care tools to focus on at first. 

If you feel you need individualized professional support and guidance, please use the practitioner directory. This list has been especially curated to connect you with some of the most supportive and safe professionals around - those who are familiar with this process and have either through gone through their own similar process or have guided others.

Practitioner Directory

Practitioner Directory

Self-Care Tools

A Word of Caution


Before you dive into the various tools you can utilize to support your system through this transformation, there are some suggestions on areas of caution first. Because the nervous system is more sensitive than usual, we can become over stimulated and overwhelmed much easier than usual. This can mean that you might want to consider bringing exceptional discernment to certain people, situations, substances and environments.

If you’re in the midst of a difficult Kundalini awakening, AVOID or be cautious of the following until your Kundalini smooths out:

  • Alcohol, caffeine, cannabis and any other mind altering substances 

  • People who aren’t kind and supportive - those who are confrontational or even just take a lot of energy to be around.
    Most people in your life will likely not understand what you are going through and might bring an unneeded layer of stress if you are looking for them to "get it".Check out the Directory of Practitioners here on the site if you need to speak with someone who can honor where you're at.

  • Crowds of people - try to visit the grocery store when you know there won’t be as many other customers. If you live in a big city or around a lot of development, seek out trees and streams to spend time near. Turn your home into a peaceful space of refuge with plants and quietude. 

  • Intense, violent, loud, fearful media (news, most movies,most  TV shows, etc)

  • Sugar and processed foods and drinks. Focus on whole foods especially grounding foods like foods that grow in or on the ground.

  • Reading about other people’s Kundalini awakening stories and too much about the process itself if you notice it stressing you more. Everyone’s experience is different and sometimes reading more about it can overwhelm and cause more worry.

  • Reading or listening to spiritual material. It can start to conflict or overwhelm. 

  • Energy healing modalities. Some CAN help if the healer is very tuned in and understanding of how sensitive your system is at
    this time. Best to err on the side of caution and not get energy work done unless you are quite confident it will be helpful.

  • Breathwork/breathing exercises. Some CAN help, but some are not helpful and if done incorrectly can exacerbate the situation. Big, full belly breathing in hales and exhales can be helpful.

  • Traditional psychotherapists and doctors. Because Kundalini is still widely unknown about and misunderstood, it can be misdiagnosed and complicated with drug prescriptions. There are natural supplements that a practitioner can suggest for you.

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