Let it Flow

It’s incredibly beneficial to have healthy avenues to focus your attention on while going through Kundalini integration process. Not only does it help you get out of your head, but it helps run your energy in a healthy way, encouraging it to flow smoother. As always, the reminder is to be gentle on yourself. Try to enjoy whatever activity you choose to explore.

Scroll through the activities below to find one or two that feels right for you.


As emotions and sensations surface, journaling can help your system process. Try writing what’s going on for you. Perhaps even write about the future you hope to create.

Or, maybe poetry is feeling more appropriate for where you're at right now.

Doing this can help emotions (energy) move and become unstuck.


Getting PLENTY of hydration is crucial. It helps the body purge the physical and energetic toxins  much more easily and effectively. Drinking living water is also key here. Add a bit of a living food to your water, like lemon, berries, or cucumber to activate (or wake up) the water. Make sure you're also drinking filtered water. 


Coconut water and fresh pressed juices are also very beneficial for this.

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