When integrating Kundalini, it’s incredibly important to ground your energy. Grounding exercises can calm your nervous system, protect your energy field, strengthen and balance you, and help improve sleep. 

Choose one or two of the exercises in the slides below that feel right for you. Try doing this first thing in the morning and before bed. You can ground more throughout the day as you feel needed. 

Scroll through the activities below to find one or two that feels right for you.

Lay on the Earth

Ideally, you have very little between you and the earth. But, if the ground you have access to is prickly or uncomfortable, use a sheet or towel - choose cotton and natural fabrics when possible.

Simply lay on your back and rest into the ground - allow yourself to feel held and supported, reminding your system that the earth has always been there for you, and remains so. Receive the support the earth offers you.


If you like, you can imagine releasing tension, fear, worries and concerns into the earth. Or, just lay there and be. Start with 5-10 minutes and see how you feel. Continue for up to 30 minutes. 

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