About Melina

After going through a Kundalini crisis of my own, I felt it was important to create a support network for those in the midst of such a mysterious, often misunderstood process.The Kundalini Support Network was born out of my desire to help others find a refuge amidst this often isolating and overwhelming journey. Normalizing the natural phenomena that is Kundalini helps to navigate with less fear. I understand the vulnerable state that Kundalini can put one’s system in and am able to help guide others with great care and compassion. Emotional, mental, physical and energetic aspects all come into play with this process. I work with my clients to clear blocks in these areas so that the Kundalini can flow more freely. I will always be honest and clear if it isn’t a good fit and will be sure to help find the needed support.


I’ve personally always had a tendency to ask questions and seek the Truth outside of the conventional ways. Though I spent a period of my life attempting to assimilate “normal”, I eventually ended up on the path of the Seeker and Healer. Seven years ago, a Buddhist practice inspired me to leave my corporate career and explore my inner and outer worlds. I became more intrigued  by nature and natural lifestyles and remedies. Whether I was attending or managing meditation retreats, visiting sacred sites in India, working in natural foods stores, growing food with Community Supported Agriculture, or attending school for Natural Medicine - I was gathering various sources and experiences to begin my own wholistic healing journey. 


After several years on that path, I found myself in the midst of a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. Though this process was complex and traumatic, it helped initiate me into the healer I am today. I have been guided and supported by various types of other healers along the way. From them and my own inner guidance, I gathered (and am always still learning) a multitude of tools and insights - tools I knew would be invaluable to those going through something similar. 

Though I've had deep gratitude for the innumerable lessons, the stress my body endured from the awakening crisis caused debilitating chronic illness for several years. However, after two years dedicated to the Medical Medium lifestyle, I healed the chronic illness the awakening experience caused and now help others heal chronic illness as well.


My life is now full, joyful, peaceful, and connected and I feel strong and well with consistency. Every step of my healing journey, I knew that it was all to eventually support and guide others on their healing path. It is my hope that the lessons learned from my own suffering can help prevent some amount of suffering for others and bring them comfort, reassurance, and wellness. 

People who are having any kind of spiritual crisis or misunderstanding of their spiritual experiences
are invited and encouraged to call the Spiritual Emergence Network, 415-648-2610. 

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