Protection & Clearing

Once our Kundalini activates, we often become more sensitive in all meanings of the word. This can mean that we pick up the energy from those around us more easily. Because of this, it’s important to have the tools to not only protect yourself from non-beneficial energies but to also be able to clear the energies that you do still absorb.


Much of what you are clearing will be your own “stuff” - that which you are purging and releasing as the Kundalini makes its way through your system. This is a natural part of this purification process. 

Scroll through the activities below to find one or two that feels right for you.


Smudging yourself and your space clears away heavy and non-beneficial energies. You can smudge by burning sage, pal santo or copal and directing the smoke to wherever you're intending to clear. Sage and other herbs for smudging can be purchased at natural food stores, metaphysical stores and online.

 While burning, walk around the perimeter of your home, allowing the smoke gets into corners to help places energy might get stuck. A feather can be helpful in helping to direct the smoke or simply use your hand to fan the smoke. It’s helpful to say a prayer or set an intention before you begin. Welcoming in healing energies and releasing the non-beneficial energies. For a more detailed step by step,

visit this page.

If you desire to avoid smoke, you can accomplish the same thing using a clearing spray that has the oil from some of these herbs listed above in it. You can also burn beeswax candles to clear your space.

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