About Pyasa 

Greetings, I’m Pyasa, I am an Evolutionary Activator; certified somatic sexologist, intimacy coach, and author. In 2011, the Q’ero people of Peru initiated my partner Vinaya and me as 4th level healers into the Andean mystical tradition.

I help people let go of that which no longer serves them to create space for the new to enter; this is a shamanic process which liberates your life-force energy, freeing you to live a life of joy and freedom.

In one on one sessions I weave together body-based exercises, sexological bodywork, embodied learning, mindfulness, meditation, and earth-based wisdom practices to help you
to clear trauma, and discover more connection, passion, and balance in your life.  I use dousing to clear non-beneficial entities, spirits and demons from my client’s energetic, and physical bodies, and share practices about how to keep more from returning. No session is ever alike;
I call upon my intuition to discover how I can best support each individual in the moment.

It is my deep desire to help you discover a felt sense of safety, and of being at HOME in
your body. 

People who are having any kind of spiritual crisis or misunderstanding of their spiritual experiences
are invited and encouraged to call the Spiritual Emergence Network, 415-648-2610. 

Full Disclaimer