About Satyam

After giving it a good try, Satyam Vinaya realized he was unwilling to conform to the lifestyle society demanded. At the age of 22, knowing for certain there must be more to life than meets the German eye, he courageously set out to manifest his childhood vision of visiting the Himalayas. With just a few hundred dollars in his pocket and an unlimited thirst for ‘purpose’, he left on an epic adventure, one that few souls have ever experienced. From his familiar homeland of Germany, he traveled overland across Europe and throughout the exotic scenes and cultures of Asia to the mountains of his dreams.


For seven years he traveled aimlessly, (aka ‘in the flow’), looking outside for answers. At the end of that cycle, existence led him to Osho, the enlightened master whose transmission turned his gaze inward. Over the next ten years he lived in Poona, India, drinking in every drop life had to offer. He participated in, and was eventually permitted to facilitate groups in personal development; this experience helped him cultivate the wisdom he carries to the present. Through his total surrender to the ‘cosmic joke’ of life, he arrived at a space, which could best be called: ‘freedom from oneself’. Throughout this time he simultaneously dove into study of tarot, this foundation along with his connection to the mineral kingdom helped him develop his innate gift: the ability to see behind the veil. By combining his knowledge with his intuition, he developed his unique approach to psychic reading.


In the world today, Vinaya serves his clients as a Karmic Awareness Catalyst and Spiritual Advisor. The years have refined his insight and ability to verbalize what he sees, he offers his clients understanding of their evolutionary path, their gifts and challenges, and the energetic outcomes of the choices they could make in their lives, guiding them towards discovering deeper clarity and direction. Vinaya’s psychic gifts, and his charismatic attitude of living ‘life as a celebration’ has supported innumerable people along the way. In the here and now, he is living in the mystical Andean mountains where in 2010 he, and his partner Pyasa were initiated as a 4th level Andean healers by the Q’ero peoples of Peru.

People who are having any kind of spiritual crisis or misunderstanding of their spiritual experiences
are invited and encouraged to call the Spiritual Emergence Network, 415-648-2610. 

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