Self-Care Tools

Whether you're seeking the help of a professional or going it alone, these self-care tools can help stabilize and calm

your system. While the process of integrating your newly awakened energy does call for quite of a bit of surrender,

it doesn't mean you can't take some simple steps to help yourself. You will likely find the grounding, protection and movement exercises on this page helpful. Choose a couple to try. Which ones are you drawn to the most? Trust your intuition. You will find that this process calls for you to Trust your intuition like never before. This is part of stepping into this new energy.

Be careful not to try too many of these exercises. Be gentle on yourself. So much compassion and gentleness is called for during here. 
You might notice the mind wanting to make things different than they are - trying to find a way out. The way out is through. Do what you can to lessen the resistance more and more. You can do this! Rest assured that many of us have gone through this process and have made it through to a much more meaningful, connected, grander life. You can too!


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