About Dr. Oxford 

Dr. Tamara Oxford is a writer, teacher and licensed psychotherapist in private practice in  CA with over 30 years experience in Counseling, Consultation and Transformational Education.

She holds a Ph.D in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and has been a licensed counselor since 1991. She has been a disciple of Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati (Swamji of PKYC -Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care) since 2008, following a vedic path of meditation and the study of the science of kundalini; she holds the first certification in Spiritual Emergence offered by the Spiritual Emergence Network, (training in differential diagnosis with spiritual emergence, spiritual emergencies and mental health issues;  did her doctoral work on Non-Ordinary Experiences through a Jungian lens; and has received teacher training in Mindful Self Compassion and other Mindfulness practices; and spent 15 years working with non-ordinary states in neo-shamanic circles. She is the creator of WomanSoul Workshops which offers intensive group experiences for transformational growth and healing with a psychospiritual focus.

Her approach to holistic healing draws on Eastern and Western models of psychology and spirituality and integrates teachings from many fields of study, including Jungian and Archetypal psychology, cross-cultural religions, philosophy, dreamwork, hypnotherapy, mythology, physiology, bodywork, yoga and nutrition.